The Help Desk API

Build your own help desk ticket center using the Jamdesk APIs

Build your own ticketing system natively integrated in your site to track, prioritize, and resolve customer support tickets with our robust APIs.


Seamlessly Integrated Ticketing API

A seamlessly integrated ticketing API lays the foundation for an exceptional customer journey. Acting as a centralized nexus, it consolidates all customer inquiries, demands, and issues. Most importantly, it furnishes a comprehensive profile of every customer, empowering you to deliver tailored assistance.

Empower Your Clients

Enable your clients to create and manage help desk tickets on your site.

Empower Your CS Team

Your customer support organization can manage tickets using your own custom admin tool built into your existing systems.

The Most Adaptable

No more struggles with a white labeled external vendor. With Jamdesk, you get to build exactly what meets your business needs.

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